The organic choice

Aurora-panoramica600x450The decision was made quickly even before the beginning; when we talked about what we wanted to do in life, how we wanted to work. It wasn’t called organic back then, they hadn’t yet invented the name Organic Farming. We had a vague idea of a few small farmers who wanted to return to a simplicity in the way they farmed. For us, it was a way to work the land without polluting it, we tried to maintain unaltered the passage of climate and weather to make healthy food and protect the health of those who consumed our products, including ourselves. It was and is important to observe the nature around us, our terrain , the plants that emerge spontaneously and learn how to integrate all of them. We decided then to transform our harvested fruit and we weren’t in a hurry we tried to understand what our limits of intervention were to have food, especially wine which was healthy, genuine and enjoyable.

We started to get to know the experience of other marchigiani in 1980 and a few years later were co-founders of The Association of Organic Marche Farmers.
After a generous contribution from the association, in 1990 the Marche region issued the first rules for organic agriculture, shortly followed by the first directives from Europe. Ours was a choice to go beyond just the rules which were in some ways seemed designed to increase the number of “organic” producers, but at the same time those regulations disappointed many farmers who wanted to farm simply and organically.
marchi settembre
Aurora is the founder of TERROIR MARCHE, a consortium of winemakers who want to promote and increase the appreciation of organic and biodynamic cultivation and transformation in our lives. The Consortium proposed to protect the territory as well as develop a sustainable and united economy. A group of farmers and winemakers with many years of experience in the production of organically certified winemaking has given birth to this consortium. Farmers who have an absolute and strong tie to their territory, a group of men and women who have in common an ethical agricultural activity which has at its core: man, land and work – The Terroir.